Audison Thesis amplifier.

Power is the key!

People call us all the time upset with the sound quality in their vehicle and always ask the same question, “do I need a new radio?”  This is a common misconception that often leads people to spend hundreds of dollars only to be dissatisfied with their “upgrade”.  Since the new radio is working with the same amount of voltage as the factory radio was, it cannot generate anymore power than the factory radio did!  Sure, it will give you some ways to boost the bass or treble, but that’s just a band-aid.  Speakers require a certain amount of power to get them to move the way they need to move in order to reproduce music the way they were intended to, this power can only come from an amplifier, that’s the good news.  It’s okay if you don’t believe us, just come on down the our facility and we will prove it to you!

Thinking outside the Big Box!

Audison Bit One - Integrating with your factory radio the right way.

Here’s some even better news, you do not have to change out your factory radio in order to add an amplifier!  Truth be told, you may not even have to change out your factory speakers.  Simply adding some more power to them will make them sound much better!  Now if you add the amplifier and upgrade the speakers, that is when you really start to see what music can sound like in your car!  There is nothing like hearing your favorite song like you’re hearing it for the first time on your awesome new sound system and we have all of the tools and know-how to bring that level of entertainment to almost any vehicle, without changing out your factory radio!

The Arc Audio KS125.2mini - compact and powerful!


Making use of technology.

So, you’re convinced, you want to add an amplifier to your vehicle so you can actually enjoy your music, but you don’t have a lot of room to sacrifice.  That is not a problem, we sell amplifiers that are the size of a postcard that will get your ride rockin!  Maybe you want big power with exceptional sound quality, we offer a line of amplifiers that was designed for the most discriminating ear!