2010 Nissan Cube

This vehicle came in for a rather random, but very cool request.  The owner wanted to be able to get out of the vehicle, press the button on the door handle that locks the doors and have it automatically roll up his windows so that he did not have to sit and wait for them to roll up once he had stopped.  Normally, this is done in conjunction with an alarm system so it took a little bit of thinking to get it done without an alarm.  Luckily, we are good at thinking!  Check out the video below to see it in action.  This customer also wanted to ditch that big ugly garage door opener, so we opened it up, soldered on an external switch, hardwired power to the opener and now he can open his garage door with a tiny button that is mounted in front of his rear view mirror!   Last, but certainly not least, we built a custom, ported enclosure for two Hertz Energy 10″ subwoofers that fits perfectly in the rear cargo area and we even made a false floor piece to protect the subs from groceries and such!  The subs were powered by an Arc Audio KS500.1mini amplifier.

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